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Feedio helps bloggers manage and grow their email and RSS subscribers

What makes Feedio special?

It is our mission to build a professional, powerful and easy to use service for bloggers.

Promote your personal brand

Feedio puts you, the blogger at the center. All Feedio users get a public profile page where fans can subscribe and get all your posts straight to their inbox or favorite RSS reader. See an example .

Learn insights on your subscribers

Feedio provides users with detailed analytics on their email and RSS subscribers. Learn which marketing channels are bringing you the most subscribers, where your subscribers are located and much more.

Advanced controls

We are constantly adding more controls and customization options so you can match the look and feel of Feedio to that of your brand.

No coding required

Getting set up with Feedio takes less than 2 minutes and no coding or installs of plugins are needed.

Promotion tools

We make it easy to promote your Feedio profile on social media, via email and through your blog.

Dedicated support

We've made Feedio very easy to use but now and then users can get stuck. We provide quick and efficient support via email and will help integrate Feedio into your site if required.

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